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    A leading and well-known triplex mud pump factory in china is working on ways to provide a high-efficiency and energy-saving pumps to world customers


    Huamei Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

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    Huamei Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co., LTD is  one of the key manufacturers of mud pump and services supplier extablished in 2008 , which mainly producing F-series mud pumps , such as F-800 ,F-1000 ,F-1300,F-1600, F-2200 Mud Pump with advanced in structure and compact and small in size along with high pump pressures and large capacity,  Electromagnetic Eddy Current Brake includes Air-Cooled EECB&Water-Cooled EECB ,Rotary Table like zp175, zp275,zp375,zp 495....Another main parts are cylinder liner,hydraulic cylinder, crankshaft,and herringbone gear ..Etc,all wearing parts at the hydraulic end conform to parts interchange requirements specified in API Spec. It is easy to maintain, and therefore offers good working performance.

    At present there are more than 320 employees in our companies and therein 18 enginners, Which means that Our company strictly conducts manufacturing management,It makes us as a level one internet supplier of Sinopec and CNPC which has fully detection means, and already access IS09001:2008 Quality System Certification, API SPEC Q1 and API SPEC 7K. we owns machining and experimental equipments,such as herringbone gear cutting machine with hight precision, large boring lathe, NC machining center, test area and so on, which are with the international advanced level.  Today we has stepped up its efforts to build long-term stable cooperation with partners and customers through the world because of our reliable business standing & trustworthiness,and exported our goods to USA, CANADA,  South Ameica,M... [More>>]

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